Mission in Peru

God has given our Pastor a vision for our church.  In order to reach what God has planned for us we must plant our seeds first.  God has called us to plant those seeds in Peru.  We have been called by God to assist a gentleman who has been working hard to teach his people about Jesus Christ.  We are helping Brother Leonardo Armando Ruiz Murga rent a bigger building closer to the children he ministers to.  Because of our calling to assist him, Brother Leonardo has been able to rent a three story building closer to the people he is ministering to.  He has been able to open a business in the lower part of the building, have his church in the second story, and provide a home for his wife and himself in the top story.  God has helped his ministry grow through us!  God is Great! 

This is a very exciting mission for us. You can go to our links page and click on the Peru Mission link to see Brother Leonardo's Facebook page.